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Small Business Photo Stories

Stories & workspace photographs of local small business owners


Article and Web Copy, published for Asher & Bailey:

“Nothing that you need. Everything that you want,” Mimi & Tracy smile while describing their business. Everything here is far from typical. Just walking into Asher & Bailey evokes a sense of funk and happiness. From creating original furniture, belts and bags, to displaying work by local artisans, to future wholesaling, the vision for Asher & Bailey is constantly growing. Expect to find something inside that will make you smile. 

Meet Mimi

She was drawn to the unusual tools of the trade, and sought out upholstery know-how from her best friend's father - a textile master. As she learned and perfected her talents, Mimi found joy crafting unique handbags out of cowhide and vintage fabrics and turning old furniture into works of art. Friends began asking for purses. Restaurants started asking for upcycled pieces. Mimi found herself doing what she loved for a living and having an immense amount on her plate. 

Meet Tracy

He was running a successful landscaping business when he met Mimi, and their personalities instantly meshed. When he realized how swamped she was, Tracy stepped in and learned how to weld and create the structural elements behind her designs. Together the duo has crafted scores of unique pieces that span the industries of restaurant, home and fashion. Their work brings energy to the interiors of The Red Door, Sambar, Le Gourmand, and homes in the greater Seattle area and beyond. Opening Asher & Bailey was a natural fit. It's become a space to craft, advocate one-of-a-kind artisanal goods, meet locals and have fun in the process. 

Come in, meet Mimi & Tracy, and be inspired. 


Main CLothing COmpany: friendly, no fuss fashion that fits


Article and Web Copy, published for Main Clothing Co.:

Having been home schooled, Paula didn’t find the structured environment of college appealing. Instead, she worked part time at a clothing boutique in the resort town of Crescent Bar. In one month, Paula was promoted to Assistant Manager. Within 4 months, she was the Store Manager. She ran the boutique for 5 years and learned everything on the job. When her plans to purchase it fell through, she ended up taking a 9-5, keeping the dream of owning her own shop in her back pocket. 

Waiting patiently for the right time and place to open her store paid off. In 2005, Paula moved to the small town of Monroe, Washington. Before opening, she surveyed hundreds of locals to get a feel for their thoughts on a clothing company. Out of 200 women, she only got one negative response, which was reason enough to launch.

At Main Clothing Company, you'll find friendly fashion that fits. “If I wouldn’t put it on me or my mom, I don’t buy it!” You'll find looks that work with curves or no curves, big butts or small, boobs or no boobs, and every body in-between. Based on an expansion of Paula’s own personal style, in-store offerings fuse timeless and trendy, funky and conservative, and business with casual. 

When a customer says it ‘feels good’ in the store, they aren’t just talking about the décor. From friendly chats and style advice to playing dress-up like a kid, Main Clothing Company will give you new faith in the fact that shopping can be fun, and that you look beautiful just the way you are. For every girl who wishes she could wear this or that, you can! And you’ll find it at Main Clothing Co. 


Grad Editorials

Grad Editorial shoots play up your talents and capture you in your element. We'll have an in person interview prior to your shoot, and Beckie will plan ideal locations and/or activities based on your interests. You have the option to have your interview and story written and designed into a custom magazine or coffee table book.

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From seniors to magazine features, to corporations and CEO's, we love showing the world who you are. 

Beckie also books a select number of narrative shoots each year, including families, intimate weddings and adventures. Check out our photo-focused site for more eye candy and info.